Jakarta’s urban forests have the potential to reduce around 10,565 tons of CO2e

Environment Jakarta

JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM-  The forestry sector, with conservation and urban forest activities, had the potential to reduce around 10,565 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) during 2021, the Jakarta Environmental Office stated.

“The act of planting a tree is expected to be able to reduce greenhouse gases,” Head of the Jakarta Environmental Office Asep Kuswanto noted here Thursday.

The potential to reduce carbon emissions in 2021 is higher as compared to that in 2020, with 9,710 tons of CO2e.

The office outlined that in 2021, tree planting activities had the potential to reduce carbon emissions by 1,655 tons of CO2e. Meanwhile, urban forest development reduced 288 tons of CO2e emissions.

In addition, urban forest protection activity reduced carbon emissions by up to 2,373 tons of CO2e. Urban park development is estimated to have the smallest contribution of 67 tons of CO2e.

Urban park protection is estimated to reduce 661 tons of CO2e. Meanwhile, the biggest contributor was the mangrove forest conservation activity at the Angke Kapuk Protected Forest that reached around 5,519 tons of CO2e.

The total emission reduction potential from the forestry sector that reached 10,565 tons of CO2e is estimated to contribute 71.64 percent from the emission reduction target in 2030.

On a separate occasion, Kuswanto remarked that greenhouse emissions declined by 27 percent in 2021 due to intensive mitigation program in the energy and transportation sector.

“Jakarta is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30 percent and ambitious target of 50 percent by 2030,” he noted.

According to data from the 2023-2026 Regional Development Plan (RPD), the Jakarta provincial government allocated 70 thousand mangrove nurseries and plantings in 2021.

Until June 2022, mangrove planting realization reached 38 thousand, or 54.28 percent (Ant/Jaktimes)

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