BMKG predicts it will rain in Jakarta Monday afternoon

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM- The weather for Jakarta this afternoon is predicted to rain Monday afternoon.

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) as quoted by through its official website monitored in Jakarta, early Monday morning, predicts that the areas that will receive rain during the day will be West Jakarta with light intensity, South Jakarta and East Jakarta will receive light rain. moderate intensity.

Therefore, the BMKG issued an early warning so that the people of Jakarta are aware of the potential for rain accompanied by lightning and strong winds of short duration in the South and East Jakarta regions in the late afternoon.

However, on Monday morning the entire area of ​​DKI Jakarta and the Thousand Islands was cloudy.

Likewise at night, the entire area of ​​Jakarta and the Thousand Islands will be cloudy and partly cloudy.

The air temperature in Jakarta is estimated to be in the minimum range of 23 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius with an estimated humidity level in the range of 75-95 percent.

The highest temperatures are in West Jakarta, South Jakarta and East Jakarta with temperatures ranging from 23-30 degrees Celsius (Wan)

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