Encouraging Business Progress, President Jokowi Inaugurates the Papua Youth Creative Hub


JAYAPURA,JAKTIMES.COM- President Joko Widodo inaugurated the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH), City of Jayapura, Papua Province, on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. Papuan youth feel the presence of PYCH has had an impact on both the businesses and activities they carry out.

One of them is Fransisca, the owner and manager of the Generation of End Times Studio in Merauke Regency, Papua Province. Fransisca admitted that since joining and receiving assistance from PYCH, the members of her studio have grown quite rapidly.

“So far, we have been running for 11 years, these children total 155 children. But when there is assistance, their number is very fast, increasing to 325 children,” said Fransisca during a video conference with President Jokowi.

Apart from that, the studio which was built to handle street children until they drop out of school has also undergone quite significant changes. Now, the studio has a number of programs, ranging from boutiques, Community Learning Activity Centers (PKBM), music and song schools, to MSMEs.

“They have knitted crocodile skin, Asmat carvings, and seafood dishes, and sago processed pastries, Mr. We have marketed some of these results abroad, such as England, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and also Malaysia,” said Fransisca.

Similarly, Maria, the owner and manager of a laying hen farm in Jayapura City, also feels the same way. The number of laying hens on his farm, which was originally only 1,000, has now reached 4,000 after receiving assistance from BIN through PYCH.

“I have been running this business since 2020 independently, with an initial population of 1,000 heads. Now there are 4,000 of them with assistance from the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) through the Papua Youth Creative Hub,” said Maria to President Jokowi in a video conference.

“Later 100,000,” the President assured Maria.

“Amen, sir. Hopefully in the future I can be supported by ministries/agencies so that I can manage 10 thousand or even hundreds of thousands of laying hens in Papua,” answered Maria optimistically (Wan)

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