Governor of DKI Appreciates the Collaborative Tree Planting Program in Jakarta for the Future of the Earth

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM- As an effort to preserve the environment, DKI Jakarta Provincial Government continues to actively increase tree planting efforts in various areas of Jakarta. Today, Tuesday (21/3) Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono attended and inaugurated a tree planting activity initiated by Grab Indonesia with and World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia at Cempaka Cipayung Park, East Jakarta.

Acting Governor Heru appreciated all parties involved in the activity. He said environmental preservation was a shared duty and responsibility as an effort to deal with the world’s climate crisis. Cross-sectoral collaboration between the government, stakeholders and the community must continue to be well established, so that this program can run smoothly and provide optimal benefits for the sustainability of city preservation.

“Conducting various efforts to preserve the environment is the responsibility of all of us, it is our joint duty for the sustainability of a more beautiful and cleaner city. We have planted more trees in various locations in Jakarta, and now I am witnessing more tree planting in Jakarta. Let’s preserve it together, we’ll take good care of it,” said Heru.

Heru hopes that all levels of society can participate in activities to green the City of Jakarta, so that they can achieve the carbon emission reduction target set by the government in 2060. Not only that, with so many tree planting activities, people can also enjoy the green city of Jakarta.

‚ÄúThis proves that all levels of society love greenery. Therefore I thank the driver and the community. Once again, thank you for your support for the benefit of all of us, so that people can live healthily,” he said.

The tree planting activity that is taking place today is the Tree Planting Steps program which is part of the #LangkahHijau campaign that has been carried out by Grab Indonesia since 2019. As of the end of December 2022, 125,000 new trees have been and are being planted in various regions in Indonesia, including including planting 30,000 mangrove trees in the Seribu Islands area.

In the same event, Grab Indonesia President Ridzki Kramadibrata added, the tree planting action in East Jakarta together with DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) today is a continuation of Grab Indonesia’s long-term commitment to be able to contribute to the environment. This is also a form of responsibility for the trust of Grab users who have participated in the Tree Planting Fund in various services offered by Grab.

“The Tree Planting Fund is a technology feature to provide voluntary contributions that users can choose to offset their carbon footprint (carbon offsetting) for each use of their Grab ride service in the amount of IDR 200 for two-wheeled vehicles, and IDR 500 for four-wheeled vehicles. . User donations managed by are then used for tree planting funds for tree maintenance and monitoring carried out by various parties, including WRI Indonesia,” explained Ridzki.

This activity will be followed by planting 100 tabebuya trees from the Parks and City Forest Service of DKI Jakarta, which will be carried out in Cempaka Cipayung Park and Cilangkap City Forest, 504 shade trees from the Parks and City Forest Service in Pondok Ranggon Reservoir, as well as 135 trees (tabebuya, trembesi , and sapodilla kecik) from Grab Indonesia with and WRI Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Founder & CEO Andy F Noya explained, the collaboration between Grab Indonesia and is one of the greening efforts that utilizes technology that is close to Grab users, to continue to be able to encourage the wider community to be able to contribute to the environment by which is easy, so starting from simple steps, can be useful for life on earth later. WRI Indonesia Program Director Arief Wijaya hopes that this innovation and collaboration can inspire many parties to participate in preserving the environment.

Also present at the event were the Head of the City Parks and Forest Service Bayu Meganthara, Mayor of East Jakarta M. Anwar, Plt. Head of Information Communication and Statistics Service Yudhistira Nugraha, Head of Regional Cooperation Bureau Marulina Dewi, Founder & CEO of, Andy F Noya, and WRI Indonesia Program Director Arief Wijaya (Wan)

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