Commemorating Vesak Day, Heru Calls on Buddhists to Strengthen Interreligious Tolerance in Jakarta

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – In commemoration of Vesak Day 2567 in the Buddhist Era (BE) / 2023 AD, Acting Governor Heru Budi Hartono, accompanied by North Jakarta Mayor Ali Maulana Hakim, attended the Visakha Punnami Puja celebration with the Buddhist community in Jakarta on Sunday (4/6) at Jakarta Dhammacakka Jaya Temple in Sunter, North Jakarta.

During the occasion, Acting Governor Heru was welcomed by the Chairman of the Indonesian Buddhist Society (Permabudhi), Phillip K. Widjaja, the Chairman of Jakarta Dhammacakka Jaya Temple, Unico Husein, and other Buddhist religious leaders in Jakarta.

Heru stated that the celebration of Vesak Day this year is an opportunity for all religious communities, especially the Buddhist community in Jakarta, to actively practice virtues in their social lives.

“I wish you a happy Vesak Day 2567 BE/2023 AD. May this moment serve as a reminder for all of us to practice virtues and share with others,” said Heru.

Heru also emphasized the importance of maintaining comfort and tranquility during this occasion, as unity among different religious communities can foster tolerance in accordance with the principles and philosophy of the Indonesian nation, as stated in Pancasila.

“Let us make use of this moment as a reminder to foster tolerance, so that interreligious communities in Indonesia can live harmoniously and peacefully. Let us practice the values of Dharma in our daily lives,” he added as quoted by

Furthermore, Heru called on all Buddhists in Jakarta to continue supporting and collaborating with the Jakarta Provincial Government so that the government’s programs can align with the needs of its residents, particularly in matters of religion, such as worship facilities.

“I believe that the Buddhist community in Jakarta is capable of making a positive contribution to societal life and becoming an important pillar in building the nation and state of Indonesia,” he stated (Wan)

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