Synergy between the Jakarta Provincial Government, WRI, and USAID Introduces Air Quality Monitoring Tools to Protect Jakarta from Air Pollution

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – In celebration of World Environment Day 2023, on Sunday (4/6) at Kendal Tunnel, the Jakarta Provincial Government, through the Environmental Agency, formed a strategic partnership with the World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia under the Clean Air Catalyst (CAC) program.

They introduced three new reference-grade air quality monitoring tools and upgraded equipment at four Air Quality Monitoring Stations (SPKU) located in the DKI Jakarta area.

Head of the Jakarta Environmental Agency, Asep Kuswanto, stated that this strategic partnership is a global collaboration supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and a consortium consisting of WRI Indonesia and Vital Strategies in Jakarta. Asep added that the new equipment will provide more accurate data regarding local air pollution sources, thus contributing to improving air quality, addressing climate change, and protecting the health of the city’s residents.

“Air quality monitoring equipment is an essential tool needed to measure and address air pollution issues in Jakarta. This equipment will provide more accurate data on pollutants that affect the air we breathe and assist the Jakarta Provincial Government’s efforts to maintain Jakarta’s clear skies,” said Asep on Sunday (4/6).

Asep explained that the three new air quality monitoring tools will be gradually installed in areas that currently lack adequate air quality monitoring coverage, such as areas near industrial complexes and coastal areas to gather baseline data from the sea. The locations include the West Jakarta Mayor’s Office, East Jakarta Mayor’s Office, and the port area, including the IPC Pelindo building in North Jakarta. Furthermore, the quality of the existing four SPKUs located in residential areas across North, East, West, and South Jakarta will be enhanced.

Meanwhile, Director of USAID Indonesia, Jeff Cohen, stated that air pollution is a major environmental and public health challenge in cities worldwide. “These new monitoring tools will provide critical data to assist the Jakarta Provincial Government in improving air quality and the health of its citizens,” added Jeff.

The new equipment will measure levels of particulate matter (PM), small particles that can be inhaled and cause serious health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and asthma. It will also measure levels of black carbon, a short-lived climate pollutant that warms the planet and poses a danger to human health, as well as carbon monoxide, another hazardous pollutant. In addition, the latest meteorological instruments will be used to measure weather conditions and wind patterns that significantly impact the city’s air quality. Data from this equipment will be made available to the public after validation through the JAKI channel, the Jakarta Environmental Agency (DLH) website, and other relevant public platforms.

Furthermore, Nirarta Samadhi, Director of WRI Indonesia, expressed pride in being actively involved in efforts to improve air quality through the installation of air quality monitoring equipment in Jakarta. “Our partnership with the Jakarta Provincial Government allows us to provide valuable data on local air pollution sources to support the formulation of targeted clean air policies. We hope this collaboration will continue as we strive to promote various initiatives and innovations, such as tree-planting campaigns, to enhance the health and well-being of residents in Jakarta and cities throughout Indonesia,” said Nirarta.

It is worth noting that Clean Air Catalyst has identified the transportation sector as the largest source of emissions in Jakarta and supports government and stakeholder partners in finding ways to accelerate solutions such as environmentally friendly transportation, low-emission vehicle zones, and reducing emissions from heavy-duty vehicles.

Therefore, during the World Environment Day celebration, the Jakarta Environmental Agency, along with MRT Jakarta and TransJakarta, also launched a new campaign called  (Wan)

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