Betawi Congress Expected to Generate Ideas for Transforming Jakarta into a Global City

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – The first congress of the Betawi Community Trust Council (MAPKB) is expected to generate ideas for transforming Jakarta into a Global City. The congress was held at the Balai Agung, Jakarta City Hall, in Central Jakarta on Friday (9/6).

“I extend my utmost appreciation to the MAPKB family, who have contributed to the progress of development in Jakarta, which is currently transforming into a globally scaled business city,” said the Acting Governor of Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono, as he virtually opened the congress.

Heru also hopes that MAPKB, as part of Jakarta, can actively participate in advancing the potential of its citizens. This can be achieved by promoting the development of the local economy to realize Jakarta as a global city.

“I hope this congress can strengthen the commitment and synergy between the Jakarta Provincial Government and MAPKB for Jakarta, which upholds its cultural heritage. May the recommendations and inputs from this congress serve as guidance for all of us in determining strategies to preserve Betawi culture as part of Indonesia’s local wisdom, which we must uphold,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of MAPKB, Marullah Matali, explained that the congress has the theme ‘Betawi Unity, Jakarta Success, Advancing Indonesia, from Betawi to Indonesia’. It should be noted that according to census data, the Betawi community in Jakarta is estimated to be around 28-30%.

“However, there are also Betawi communities residing in the surrounding satellite cities, such as Bekasi, Tangerang, Tangerang Selatan, and Depok. Additionally, there are also Betawi communities in several provinces, cities, and regencies, such as the Riau Islands Province,” said Marullah.

Marullah also revealed that the dynamic progress of the times has impacted the dynamics of the Betawi community. In this regard, MAPKB is ready to collaborate with the Jakarta Provincial Government to make Jakarta a Global City.

“Because this event is dedicated to the betterment of Jakarta, even after it is no longer the capital city in the future. May the relationship between Betawi and the Jakarta Provincial Government become stronger and more harmonious in building a better Jakarta in the future,” concluded Marullah (Marwan Azis)

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