Marullah Matali Officially Leads the Betawi Customary Institution

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – The Congress of the Betawi Community Trust Council (MAPKB) concluded today, Saturday (10/6/2023) afternoon at Candi Bentar, Putri Duyung, Ancol, North Jakarta.

The congress resulted in several important decisions, including the agreement on the establishment of the first customary institution in Betawi society’s history. The congress also agreed on the name of the customary institution, changing it from Majelis Amanah Persatuan Kaum Betawi (MAPKB) to Majelis Kaum Betawi (MKB).

“Alhamdulillah, the name MKB has been agreed upon by all Commissions,” said the chairman of the plenary session and also the Chairman of the Steering Committee, Haji Zainuddin aka Haji Oding.

Haji Oding added that the congress discussions were divided into three Commissions. “After an extraordinary discussion, several decisions were made, including the historic decision to establish this Betawi customary institution,” said Haji Oding.

In addition, the congress unanimously entrusted Marullah Matali as the first Chairman of the MKB’s Custodial Board.

Marullah’s appointment took place immediately after the Plenary Session of the Congress, attended by 114 Betawi community organizations. Accompanied by the melodious chanting of salawat by the congress participants, the appointment ceremony took place with a solemn atmosphere. “Bismillah, I accept this mandate because I believe that my brothers and sisters will assist me in carrying out this task,” said Marullah Matali firmly.

In his first post-appointment speech, Marullah Matali quoted Abu Bakar’s words when he was inaugurated as the Khalifah. “I am not the greatest, but all of you have chosen me. Therefore, if there are good actions from me, strengthen me. But if there are deviations in my actions, correct me.”

Marullah also expressed his gratitude to the Acting Governor of Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono, for supporting the congress. He also thanked the Betawi figures, congress participants, and the management of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol for facilitating the first congress of the MKB.

In addition to appointing Marullah Matali as the Chairman of the Custodial Board, the congress also gave Marullah full authority to establish the personnel of the MKB within the next month. The congress also successfully established 21 regulations related to the Betawi community’s customary leadership, including regulations regarding the Custodial Board and the implementing bodies of the MKB.

Another decision recommended that the MKB construct the Betawi Center building, which would serve as the center for Betawi activities. It also recommended the construction of dormitories for Betawi students studying outside Jakarta.

Lastly, the congress recommended that the MKB, as the Betawi customary institution, support Betawi candidates running in the legislative elections, including supporting a candidate for Governor from the Betawi community (Marwan Azis).

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