Celebrate the 46th Anniversary of the Maritime Museum, Temporary Exhibition Art.The.Fact 2.0 Returns to Jakarta

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – In celebration of the 46th anniversary of the Maritime Museum, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, through the DKI Jakarta Cultural Office (Disbud), is once again holding the temporary exhibition Art.The.Fact 2.0 with the theme ‘The Stories That Connecting Us’.

The Head of the DKI Jakarta Cultural Office, Iwan Henry Wardhana, inaugurated the event accompanied by heads of Regional Work Units (UKPD) and other agency leaders in the Temporary Exhibition Room on the first floor of the Maritime Museum Building, North Jakarta.

Iwan stated that the Art.The.Fact 2.0 exhibition: ‘The Stories That Connecting Us’ is a continuation of the series of temporary exhibition activities organized by the Jakarta Maritime Museum Management Unit since 2022, visualizing museum narratives into art media installations.

“This exhibition is free and open to the public. The hope is that this exhibition can be beneficial to all and build awareness among the younger generation about culture, motivated by historical reasoning through ancient artifacts, and foster a love for the historical richness of the nation,” said Iwan in Jakarta on Friday (7/7).

Furthermore, Iwan stated that the exhibition aims to showcase the development and influence of Austronesian cultural diffusion on Indonesian society and its connection to other nations or countries in the surrounding region, such as Southeast Asia and Australia, which share similarities in culture, including archaeological artifacts, boat technology, language, architecture, fashion, creative arts, flora, and fauna.

“It is important for all of us, especially the younger generation, to understand our own identity and pass on an understanding of how this country has become a strong and resilient nation with diverse cultures embedded within it. May the Jakarta Maritime Museum Management Unit continue to provide interesting and beneficial information and education for the people of Jakarta,” added Iwan.

During the implementation, the Maritime Museum collaborated with several creative artists from both Indonesia and abroad to add a different dimension to the presented exhibition. Additionally, the exhibition activities include various discussion sessions with expert speakers in response to the exhibition.

The temporary exhibition Art.The.Fact 2.0 with the theme ‘The Stories That Connecting Us’ is curated by archaeologists Supratikno Rahardjo from the University of Indonesia, Irsyad Lehitu from the University of Jambi, and museologist Hilman Hadoni from the University of Indonesia. The artistic arrangement and creative touch in this exhibition were provided by Burhanuddin Aziz, a researcher from Digital Cultural Creation (Digikara), Taiwanese artists Yipei Lee and Shih-Kai Chang, artists Abdi Karya Am from Makassar and Yogya, and curator Alam Wishesa from the National Gallery of Indonesia.

Various support and appreciation were also provided by several parties, such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, DKI Jakarta Cultural Office, Makassar City Museum, Digikara, and Indonesia Hidden Heritage Creative Hub (Wan)

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