Paragon Corp and Dompet Dhuafa Employees Fulfill Decent Housing Needs for Earthquake Survivors in Turkey

Diplomatic Environment International Jakarta

TURKEY, JAKTIMES.COM- Paragon Corp and Dompet Dhuafa have built temporary housing for survivors of the Turkey earthquake on Wednesday (12/07/2023).

This housing is part of Dompet Dhuafa’s commitment to assisting in the recovery of earthquake survivors in Turkey who still require support.

Through the Disaster Management Center (DMC) of Dompet Dhuafa and its partner Gazze Destek Dernegi, the recovery of the survivors is being carried out by constructing suitable temporary housing with container concepts that are adaptable to the climate in Turkey and resilient against earthquakes of a certain scale.

Afifah A. Maghend, the CSR Representative from Paragon, expressed appreciation for the collaboration between Paragon Corp and Dompet Dhuafa in assisting the earthquake survivors in Turkey.

“Paragon would like to express gratitude for the concern of Paragonians towards the disaster experienced by our brothers and sisters in Turkey. This aligns with one of Paragon’s values, which is compassion. Paragonians hope that the assistance provided can alleviate the burden of the earthquake survivors there and help them rebuild and live better lives,” stated Fifi in her written statement received by The Jakarta Times ( in Jakarta (14/7/2023).

“We also want to thank Dompet Dhuafa for their collaboration, which allows us to contribute to disaster management,” she continued.

The temporary housing is located in a village area in Adiyaman City, Adiyaman Province, Turkey.

The decision to choose this location for the temporary housing was made because it is close to the survivors’ agricultural land, which helps them continue their activities without the constraints of distance, costs, and time related to their livelihoods.

“The earthquake destroyed our homes. We no longer have a place to rest. We had requested temporary housing, but no one was able to fulfill our request. However, with the help of the donors (Paragon Corp and Dompet Dhuafa), we now have temporary housing. Thank you to the donors,” said one of the beneficiaries upon seeing their temporary housing standing before them.

Overall, 107,000 people have been injured and more than 50,000 deaths have been reported. Three million people were forced to leave their homes, with 1.6 million still residing in displacement camps (half of whom are women and girls), and nearly 800,000 in government-provided housing.

“Based on the reports we have received, the survivors still require daily assistance in terms of access to adequate water and sanitation facilities, access to available service information, and social protection schemes. In addition, healthcare, education, and security guarantees are needed for persons with disabilities, pregnant and nursing mothers, and children,” explained Arif Rahmadi Haryono, the Chief Executive of DMC Dompet Dhuafa, via a brief message.

“We thank Paragon Corp for collaborating in the pursuit of goodness for our brothers and sisters affected by the earthquake last February. In addition to temporary housing, we will continue to strive for the best in the recovery of the affected survivors, so they can stand on their own and face the future,” he concluded (Wan).

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