Celebrate Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day, Ayodya Duren Tiga Early Childhood Education Holds Various Competitions

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – Various events were held to celebrate the 78th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, including in schools in Jakarta.

One of them was organized by the Early Childhood Education (PAUD) BKB School Ayodya Duren Tiga, South Jakarta. They held various competitions ranging from the Cracker Eating Competition, Group Ball Relay Competition, Putting Socks on Parents Competition, to the Melody Chair Competition, which took place in the courtyard of Ayodya Duren Tiga PAUD BKB School, Pancoran, South Jakarta (August 22, 2023).

Mudmainnah SH, Chairperson of the Competition Organizing Committee for the August 17, 2023 Event at Ayodya PAUD, stated in her speech that in order to enliven and commemorate the 78th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ayodya Duren Tiga PAUD BKB School held several competitions involving schoolchildren, parents of students, school committees, and teachers.

“The struggles and sacrifices of our heroes have led us to the freedom we experience today. Therefore, today’s momentum is very special, as we all gather to celebrate and remember that great struggle,” said Mudmainnah.

Mudmainnah explained that the teachers who have been guiding and educating the children are a noble profession, making them worthy of being called educational heroes who deserve appreciation.

“We also have heroes in our school, namely the teachers of our children, unsung heroes,” she added.

“Finally, I would like to sincerely thank all the committees, teachers, and parents who have worked hard to make this event a success. May this event be a precious and meaningful moment for all of us. Let’s enjoy and celebrate this togetherness with joy,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, the Head of Ayodya PAUD BKB School, Hj. Anna Chusnul Rochma, S.Psi, conveyed that Ayodya PAUD BKB School organizes various competition activities with the aim of educating children about the importance of independence and cultivating a sense of love for the homeland from an early age.

“Through the competitions we organize, it is hoped that children can learn and embrace the noble values of independence, such as the spirit of togetherness, diversity, and the pride of being part of the Indonesian nation,” she emphasized.

Based on observations by Jaktimes.com, the children of Ayodya Duren Tiga PAUD BKB School appeared enthusiastic about participating in the August 17th competition series. This event is regularly held at Ayodya Duren Tiga BKB School in South Jakarta.

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