Pro Anies Volunteers Encourage Political Party Solidity Coalition of Change For Anies Baswedan’s Victory

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Photo Caption: Coordinator of the Pro Anies National Secretariat (Seknas), Marwan Azis. Photo:

JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – The Pro Anies National Secretariat (Seknas) responds to the political dynamics surrounding Anies Baswedan’s presidential candidacy, particularly regarding who will be his running mate, which has recently stirred discussions within the coalition parties of change.

Coordinator of the Pro Anies National Secretariat, Marwan Azis, conveyed that Pro Anies is pushing for the solidarity of the Coalition of Change Parties, namely the Nasdem Party, the Democratic Party, and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), to fulfill the administrative requirements for Anies Baswedan’s presidential candidacy and achieve the targeted number of coalition party seats.

“If Anies Baswedan is confirmed to meet the Presidential Threshold requirement and registers with the Election Commission (KPU) as a presidential candidate alongside his running mate, it will naturally influence the coalition party’s seat allocation in the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) and Regional Representative Councils (DPRD). Therefore, it is crucial for the leadership of the two coalition parties to prioritize the fulfillment of administrative requirements as stipulated by Law No. 7 of 2017 concerning Elections,” stated Marwan Azis, the Coordinator of the Pro Anies National Secretariat, in his press statement in Jakarta on August 23, 2023.

Marwan expressed that the leaders of the coalition parties of change should exercise wisdom in addressing the political dynamics, especially concerning the selection of a vice-presidential candidate to accompany Anies.

According to this former researcher from the Institute for Research, Education, and Socioeconomic Information (LP3ES), the current priority is to fulfill the administrative requirements to ensure Anies’s presidential candidacy can be officially registered with the KPU alongside his running mate.

The next priority is to prepare a winning strategy for the 2024 Presidential Election.

Furthermore, Marwan suggested discontinuing counterproductive communication in the media between parties that support Anies.

“In essence, Pro Anies continues to accept the choices of the coalition parties of change and Anies Baswedan’s preferences for potential vice-presidential candidates, such as Mas AHY, Mbak Yenni Wahid, and Mother Khofifah Indar Parawansa. We only encourage the solidarity of the parties supporting Anies, and moving forward, communication among the Coalition of Change Parties should be more cordial and reconciliatory, aiming for a greater victory,” stated Marwan, who is also an alumnus of the Islamic Students Association (HMI).

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of Pro Anies, Emmanuel Tular, urges all Anies Baswedan’s volunteer networks to respond more wisely to the political dynamics surrounding Anies’s presidential candidacy, in order to maintain the solidarity of Anies’s volunteers.

“Lastly, all nodes of Anies Baswedan’s volunteer networks must support the final decision of the Coalition of Change Parties and Anies Baswedan’s decision regarding his running mate for the Presidential Election on February 14, 2024,” concluded the former President of the Indonesian Catholic Student Association (PMKRI) (TJT)

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