To enhance resilience, Plan Indonesia and BNPB introduce the Genta Platform

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Photo Caption: Sefira (standing, second from the left), one of the youth supported by Plan Indonesia, introduces the Youth Disaster Resilience Generation (Genta) platform on World Humanitarian Day at the Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park, South Jakarta (19/8). (photo: WHD 2023 document)

JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – In order to increase the resilience and disaster preparedness of young people, the Plan International Indonesia Foundation (Plan Indonesia), through the Urban Nexus program, in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), introduces an online learning platform called Genta or Youth Disaster Resilience Generation.

Genta was introduced to coincide with the World Humanitarian Day on August 19, 2023. Developed since January 2023, the platform includes various learning materials, including Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), and Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

This platform is developed by and for young people, with its content tailored and consulted with them.

Maulinna Utaminingsih, Project Manager of Urban Nexus at Plan Indonesia, said that the modules in Genta can be accessed by young people to enhance their knowledge and understanding of disaster resilience and preparedness, particularly issues that are relevant to them, such as gender-based violence.

“Regarding gender-based violence, especially in emergency situations, there are many cases of gender-based harassment, partly due to a lack of knowledge. Therefore, with this platform, we hope that young people can understand and reduce the risk of gender-based violence in emergency situations,” she stated during the World Humanitarian Day celebration at the Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park, South Jakarta.

The development process of Genta began with a workshop involving various organizations and youth representatives to identify what kind of materials are needed by young people. These materials were then reviewed and developed into online learning modules. Subsequently, the platform’s development underwent several adjustments to the content and methods, followed by testing with young people.

One of the young people from Depok, Meutia, has already tried this platform. According to her, there is much to be learned from Genta, particularly disaster preparedness, which she believes young people should be aware of.

“The content is beneficial, not just reading, but I can work on some exercises to solidify the material. Also, information about disasters needs to be provided, because if we don’t prepare from now on, we won’t know the information or knowledge that will make us resilient in the face of disasters,” she explained.

Efforts to enhance preparedness and resilience among young people are appreciated by Nelwan Harahap, Deputy Assistant for Emergency and Post-Disaster Management, Ministry of Human Development and Culture, Republic of Indonesia, who attended the World Humanitarian Day event. According to him, knowledge and skills related to preparedness and resilience must be passed on to young people to ensure the continuity of ongoing programs.

“Disaster threats are permanent and continuous. If we don’t pass down this knowledge now, I believe we will face difficulties in the future in terms of who will continue the programs initiated by humanitarian organizations,” he remarked.

The Genta Platform can be accessed through E-Tangguh, an online learning portal developed by BNPB for remote learning to enhance knowledge and skills in disaster management, aiming to create a disaster-resilient Indonesia.

The Genta Platform is also part of the Urban Nexus Phase 2 program. This program has been carried out by Plan Indonesia from July 2022 to June 2025. Supported by ANCP-DFAT and Plan Australia, the program aims to create a healthy, safe, and resilient environment through the empowerment and leadership of urban youth. In implementing the program, Plan Indonesia collaborates with MDMC and Teens Go Green (Wan)

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