To Address Air Pollution, 18 Buildings in South Jakarta Install Water Mist Devices

Environment Jakarta

JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM- To address air pollution, 18 private buildings in South Jakarta have installed 30 units of water mist generators as a manifestation of their concern for combating air pollution.

South Jakarta Mayor Munjirin, when asked in Jakarta on Sunday, stated that the 30 units of water mist generators were installed by the owners of these 18 buildings.

“I thank the building management for implementing the use of these water mist generators, and I hope that other buildings can follow suit in the near future,” Munjirin said, as quoted by from Antara (17/09/2023).

Among the buildings that have installed these devices are Cyber 2 Building (1 unit), Woodland Park Residence (1), Kalibata City Apartments (13), L’Avenue Building (1), Gozco Building (1), Gandaria 8 Office Tower (1), Gandaria City Mall (1).

Furthermore, Sheraton Hotel (1), Pakubuwono View Apartments (1), OnePark Apartments (1), Somerset Kencana Jakarta (1), Pakubuwono Terrace Apartments (1), Wisma Indocement Building (1), Four Winds of Senayan Apartments (1), Kemang Jaya Apartments (1), Providence Park Apartments (1), Wisma Mulia Building (1), Tifa Building (1).

Based on preliminary data on water mist installation, the officials from the South Jakarta Environmental Department are tasked with inspecting each building to ensure the air improvement impact resulting from the installation of these water mist generators.

Every building with a height of over 20 meters or more than eight floors is required to install a water mist generator as a collective effort to control air pollution in Jakarta.

The Jakarta Provincial Government had previously announced that eleven buildings, including one in Central Jakarta (PT Astra International Tbk), three in North Jakarta (PT Kencana Unggul Sukses, PT PLN Jawa Bali, and Green Lake Sunter Apartments), three in West Jakarta (LTC Glodok, Harco Glodok, and Pantjoran China Town), and four in East Jakarta (PT Pama Persada, PT Suhu Global Health, PT Waskita Rajawali Tower, United Tractor floors 8 and 10), have installed water mist generators.

Furthermore, seven government-owned buildings have also installed water mist generators, including the offices of the mayors of Central, North, East, West, and South Jakarta, as well as the DKI Jakarta City Hall, in Blocks G and H.

South Jakarta City Government has been operating water mist generators since Thursday (7/9) on the 17th floor of Block A of the South Jakarta Mayor’s Office Building twice a day.

The devices are operated in the morning, from 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM, and in the evening, from 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM.

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