Oppose Nepotism Once Again, Anies Baswedan Emphasizes That the Country Does Not Belong to One or Two Families

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Photo Description: Republic of Indonesia Presidential Candidate, Anies Baswedan, giving a speech and greeting the residents of Depok, West Java, on October 28, 2023. Photo: Jaktimes.com.

DEPOK, JAKTIMES.COM – Depok residents poured into the Verbena Shop Complex area on GDC Boulevard to participate in the AMIN Fitness & Walk Together event on Saturday (10/28).

The presence of the presidential and vice-presidential candidate pair Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar (Gus Imin), who made their way through the sea of people to the main stage, became the center of attention for the residents who wanted to greet and take photos with them.

Anies and Gus Imin, in unison, greeted and waved to the crowd when they were on the main stage. Roaring cheers of support from the crowd could be heard from various directions. The crowd chanted for change to be realized soon by the pair known as AMIN.

“Change, change, change, change. We came here because we care about this nation,” Anies began his speech.

Anies outlined several points of concern that he and Gus Imin were fighting for, one of which is the concern not to let nepotism return to Indonesia.

“Do we want nepotism to thrive in this country again? Do we want nepotism to exist as it did in the past? We are moving because we want to restore rationality in our nation, to restore ethics in governance,” Anies said, which was met with applause from the crowd.

According to Anies, this nation belongs to all citizens. No one should feel they have the sole ownership that leads to the practice of nepotism.

“This country does not belong to one or two families. The founders of this Republic established it not for their own families but for all the people of Indonesia. Therefore, convey to your families at home that the spirit of change will continue to move forward, and victory will be delivered to all of us,” Anies declared.

The presidential candidate from the Coalition for Change stated that the struggle to bring about change faces great challenges. What keeps him optimistic is that the heroes who fought in the past also faced many challenges.

“I want to convey that the effort to bring about change is faced with great power. Yes, we may not have a lot of money, but when we come together, we generate extraordinary strength. Because this Republic was not built with material power,” Anies explained.

Anies also encouraged his supporters not to be disheartened because the AMIN pair always ranks last in surveys. For him, the most important thing is to see and feel firsthand that more and more people want change to be realized.

“They say we are few. Well, well, well, how can they say we are few when there are so many of us here? Let our numbers in the surveys be small, but the number of people on the streets keeps increasing. If we gain the trust of the residents here in Depok, then West Java will belong to us,” Anies concluded (Marwan Azis)

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