To Defend Palestine, MOI Plans to Hold a “Long March” and Fundraising

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – Several community organizations (ormas) affiliated with the Majelis Ormas Islam (MOI) are planning to conduct a “long march” and fundraising for the people of Palestine in Gaza.

The Chairman of MOI, KH Nazar Haris, in Jatinegara, Jakarta, on Friday, stated that they will conduct a “long march” from the United States Embassy to the HI Roundabout, Central Jakarta, on Saturday (9/3) to protest Israel’s attacks on Palestine.

The “long march” action will be accompanied by fundraising for the Gaza residents who are currently facing difficulties in obtaining food and drink.

“This is nearing Ramadan, and we want our brothers and sisters to observe fasting. We don’t want them to fast and not be able to break their fast,” said Nazar as quoted by from Antara.

According to him, there are currently around 300 thousand families suffering in Gaza due to the impact of the Israeli blockade, which has hindered humanitarian aid from various parties.

“The UN resolutions have been repeatedly vetoed by America. That’s why we are taking action in front of the US Embassy. We will continue to push the world to help Palestine,” he said.

In their action, MOI will also launch the Indonesian movement “Nine for One Gaza,” where nine Indonesian families will cover the living expenses of one family in Gaza.

In this movement, MOI stated that they will collaborate with 27 humanitarian organizations that already have data regarding the conditions in Gaza to distribute aid.

“We will be present in front of the US Embassy giving speeches, conducting fundraising. Then we will have the ‘long march’ to the HI Roundabout. It will start at 05:30 AM until 10:00 AM,” he said.

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According to Nazar, the events unfolding in Palestine are a humanitarian issue and the responsibility of all human beings, thus requiring assistance from all parties.

The Secretary-General of PP Ikatan Dai Indonesia (Ikadi), Khairan Muhammad Arif, stated that the events in Palestine, which have claimed many lives, are a humanitarian matter witnessed by the whole world.

“Let’s not allow our era, the 21st century, to become a history marked by the destruction of humanity that will be remembered by future generations,” said Khairan (Ant/JT)

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