Heru Highlights Stable Economy and Global Connectivity as Key to Jakarta’s Global City Status

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Jakarta City. Photo : istockphoto

JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono, emphasized that a stable economy and connectivity with the global world are crucial indicators to realize Jakarta as a global city.

“Jakarta is continually assessed by major city rankings, and there are several points that I mentioned to strive for Jakarta to achieve a better ranking,” said Heru during the Musyawarah Rencana Pembangunan (Musrenbang) RKDP 2025 and RPJMD 2025-2045 for DKI Jakarta Province at Balai Kota DKI Jakarta on Tuesday, as quoted by Jaktimes.com from Antara (24/04/2024).

Heru outlined six indicators to establish a competitive global city, one of which is Jakarta’s need to be economically stable and globally connected.

Being globally connected, according to Heru, encompasses having a skilled workforce, the presence of international companies, and a competitive economic climate and scale.

Secondly, there should be a strong and continuous capacity for research and innovation, such as Jakarta having a quality research environment and research products. Thirdly, Jakarta should be a comfortable living space.

“Jakarta has complete city infrastructure, affordable living costs, excellent services (health and education), easy access to information, and is a safe and conducive city,” said Heru.

Fourthly, a global city indicator is attracting tourists to visit. This includes Jakarta having international events or activities, diverse tourist destinations, quality tourism infrastructure and support, and a unique culture.

Fifthly, Jakarta needs to create a clean, comfortable, and sustainable environment, which leads to sustainability and resilience to environmental changes.

“Sixthly, there should be connected accessibility both intra and inter-city,” added Heru.

Heru hopes that these six points will be included in the indicators for the 2025 budget planning.

As for the new paradigm in planning, it includes the President’s direction for Jakarta to remain a business city and a regional and global economic center. Also, changes in authority through the Jakarta Special Capital Region (RUU DKI Jakarta), references to the global city index, and spatial planning plans for DKI Jakarta Province.

Therefore, Heru emphasized the need for joint efforts to implement these matters in planning documents, both long-term, medium-term, and annual, which are translated through the implementation of priority budget program activities.

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