Meeting with Scholarship Beneficiary Students, Acting Governor Heru Ensures KJMU Continues

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – The Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono, met with a number of scholarship beneficiary students of the Jakarta Excellent Student Card (KJMU) program from the State University of Jakarta (UNJ) and the State Islamic University (UIN) Purwokerto at the Jakarta City Hall, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (7/3).

In the meeting, I ensured that they can still obtain KJMU. During the meeting with the students, Acting Governor Heru ensured that KJMU would continue to run alongside data cleansing and matching.

“I had a conversation with the student brothers and sisters from UNJ and UIN Purwokerto. In the meeting, I ensured that they can still obtain KJMU. I guarantee that those who have received KJMU previously will still be able to receive it until they finish their studies. Of course, while data matching continues from person to person,” said Acting Governor Heru, in a press release from the Jakarta Provincial Government.

Currently, continued Acting Governor Heru, the registration mechanism for KJMU has been opened and is ongoing. Later, all student data entered will undergo cleansing and data matching gradually.

“Of course, there will still be data matching. One of them, the Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) of DKI Jakarta Province will check their tax data (from each student’s parents), and other data. The Jakarta Provincial Government will check whether they are eligible to receive KJMU or not. So, students can just continue studying, we will process the data matching,” said Heru.

Furthermore, Acting Governor Heru stated that if the results of data matching and field surveys prove that prospective KJMU beneficiaries are not eligible to receive this educational cost social assistance because they belong to the economically capable group, then the KJMU budget will be redirected to students who truly need it, so that the use of the KJMU budget becomes more targeted in assisting students from economically disadvantaged groups to pursue higher education.

“We will see the data, match it, survey again. If it is proven that they should not receive KJMU because they are actually capable, then the budget can be given to those who are not capable, so they can pursue higher education,” explained Heru.

Acting Governor Heru emphasized that the Jakarta Provincial Government is still capable of financing scholarship beneficiary students until they complete their education at universities. Therefore, he urged students not to worry about continuing their education and to be able to carry out their studies calmly.

Meanwhile, 8th-semester UIN Purwokerto student, Faisal, said that he and representatives from UNJ and UIN Purwokerto came to seek certainty about the continuity of KJMU directly to Acting Governor Heru.

He was relieved after receiving information that KJMU would still be continued for students who have been benefiting from this educational social assistance.

“So, all the information is clear now. Student friends can already register through the available registration mechanism. Now we just have to enjoy,” said Faisal.

According to Faisal, there has been a misunderstanding regarding the rumors circulating among the public. He has ensured that there is no termination of KJMU, but rather data cleansing and matching are being carried out to ensure the accurate distribution of educational social assistance funds.

“It seems there has been a misunderstanding regarding the information circulating. So, there is no termination. But, indeed the system for data matching is currently underway. So, we have to be patient,” concluded Faisal (Wan)

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