The Jakarta Provincial Government Opens Complaints and Registration Channels for Phase I of KJMU

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM – The Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov DKI Jakarta) ensures that social assistance programs in the field of education such as the Jakarta Excellent Student Card (KJMU) program continue to run.

Currently, we are continuing verification and validation activities. Currently, registration for Phase I of KJMU is open through the website Further information regarding the registration mechanism can be checked through Instagram @upt.p4op or the website

Widyastuti, Assistant for People’s Welfare of Jakarta Provincial Secretary, stated that the Jakarta Provincial Government continues to strive for targeted assistance recipients by conducting verification and validation.

This is done together by the Social Service, Population and Civil Registration Agency, Education Agency, and regional levels such as sub-districts.

The Jakarta Provincial Government apologizes for the misinformation regarding social assistance in the field of education, especially KJMU.

“We apologize for any inconvenience regarding this matter. Currently, we are continuing verification and validation activities for all social assistance recipients, not only in the education sector but in all aspects. The above two activities are carried out to maintain the accuracy of targeting towards eligible social assistance recipients,” said Widyastuti, on Friday (8/3).

Widyastuti added that the Education Agency is opening a communication channel for complaints for the next one month so that the public can consult on issues related to educational social assistance, especially regarding KJMU.

The complaints channel can be accessed via WhatsApp number 081585958706,, phone at 021-8571012, and the website

“Complaints from the public will be followed up,” said Widyastuti.

It is noted that the number of KJMU recipients from the Jakarta Provincial Government registered is 19,023 individuals to date. These recipients are spread across 124 universities in Indonesia, consisting of 110 State Universities (PTN) and 14 Private Universities (PTS).

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