Anies Invites U-20 City Tour Delegates to Enjoy a Corner of Jakarta City

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM- In support of the U-20 Mayor Summit, the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, invited the U-20 delegation to enjoy a corner of Jakarta through a City Tour by public transportation, on Monday (29/8).

City Tour activities started at the Fairmont Hotel, South Jakarta. The participants then boarded the Transjakarta bus to experience one of the new colors of transportation integration in Jakarta, namely the Cakra Selaras Wahana (CSW) Integrated Terminal. Afterwards, the journey continued by inviting the U-20 delegates to take the Jakarta MRT, from the ASEAN MRT Station to Dukuh Atas in Central Jakarta.

Arriving at Dukuh Atas, Governor Anies invited one of the U-20 delegates, Major Ahmed Aboutaleb from the City of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to discuss on enjoying the pedestrian atmosphere in the Kendal Tunnel. There, Governor Anies showed the atmosphere of one of the third spaces of Jakarta, where all citizens from various backgrounds can gather and interact.

“So, together we (the U-20 Delegates) went on a tour to see a corner of Jakarta. We took Transjakarta to CSW, and from there we saw the integration of transportation, between the Transjakarta Busway Line and the MRT. From there we took the MRT to here. Then we enjoyed the atmosphere of the Kendal Tunnel as a third space, one of the new faces of Jakarta,” said Governor Anies.

Governor Anies said that during the trip, the delegates could see the changes in the Dukuh Atas area firsthand. This is supported by the increase in pedestrian visits during the weekend at the Kendal Tunnel, where all levels of citizens can interact and work because they enjoy the changes in the city of Jakarta.

“From here we see the change in an area, which was once used for motorized vehicles, into a pedestrian space. And this is where people can enjoy interaction in a third space. We all know the recent phenomena which have emerged in this area (Citayam Fashion Week) happened because we established a shared open space,” explained Governor Anies.

Furthermore, Governor Anies and his entourage ended the trip by inviting the delegates to a special dinner during the sunset on the coast of Jakarta, while boarding a Phinisi ship.

“We will invite them to see another new side of Jakarta. From here we will go to the Jakarta Coastal area, and from there we can see the sunset. We will take the Phinisi ship, and from there we will see the sunset in the afternoon,” Governor Anies concluded (Wan)

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