Ngabuburit in Ancol, Fun Destinations to Enjoy Ramadan in Jakarta

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The Atmosphere of Ancol Beach, North Jakarta.

JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM– Welcoming the month of Ramadan, the activity of “ngabuburit” becomes an eagerly awaited moment for many people. In Jakarta, Ancol Dreamland offers several interesting and exciting places to spend time while waiting for breaking the fast.

Here are recommendations for ngabuburit places in Ancol that are worth visiting:

  • Ancol Beach: With its captivating sunset atmosphere, Ancol Beach is an ideal place for ngabuburit while enjoying the beauty of nature. Enjoy the sound of waves while having light iftar dishes on the beach.
  • Symphony Of The Sea Ancol: This open area is often used for music performances and entertainment. During Ramadan, you can enjoy live music while waiting for iftar time, creating a unique ngabuburit experience.
  • Ancol’s Dufan: For visitors looking for excitement throughout the day, Dufan is the right place. With various rides and shows, Dufan offers an unforgettable ngabuburit experience for families and friends.
  • Samudra Ancol: Discover precious moments with family at Samudra Ancol, where you can get closer to various animals and learn about nature conservation.
  • Sea World Ancol: Explore Sea World Ancol and enjoy the beauty of marine life while waiting for iftar time. This place is suitable for ngabuburit with family.
  • Jakarta Bird Land Ancol: Offering a fun educational experience, Jakarta Bird Land introduces visitors to various types of birds from Indonesia and abroad. Interaction with birds and other interesting activities make ngabuburit more memorable.
  • Faunaland Ancol: Ngabuburit while learning about animal life in Faunaland Ancol will provide an educational and fun experience.
  • Ecopark Ancol: For those who want to feel the freshness of green nature, Ecopark Ancol is the right choice. With various activities such as leisure cycling, ngabuburit here will feel refreshing and different.
  • Ancol Art Market: Take some time to shop at Ancol Art Market, where you can find various unique souvenirs and handmade art items that will be memories of your Ramadan holiday. With various attractive destination choices, Ancol Dreamland offers diverse and enjoyable ngabuburit experiences. Make sure to plan your visit wisely, bring light iftar snacks, and pay attention to the operational schedule and special events that may be held during Ramadan. Enjoy Ramadan in Ancol!

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