NasDem Party Declares Anies Baswedan As Presidential Candidate

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JAKARTA, JAKTIMES.COM- Chairman of the NasDem Party, Surya Paloh, today (3/10) officially declared the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Rasyid Baswedan as a Presidential Candidate (Capres) in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election at the NasDem Tower Ballroom, Central Jakarta.

The declaration, which was attended directly by Anies Baswedan and all levels of the NasDem DPP functionaries, began with a moment of silence for the Kanjuruhan Stadium disaster in Malang, which was led by Surya Paloh.

Surya said Anies was born in the NasDem National Working Meeting some time ago which produced three names, namely Anies Baswedan, Ganjar Pranowo and TNI General Muhammad Andika Perkasa.

Surya said that his party respects the nation’s children, whoever and wherever they are who have good intentions to devote themselves to leading this country. NasDem said Surya was also very confident in the ability and integrity of the best sons and daughters.

However, Surya NasDem’s confession has seen that Anies Baswedan’s personality as a whole has the same path and goal of NasDem in guarding the journey of the Indonesian nation in the future. NasDem said he wanted to find the best of the nation’s best children. “Why Anies Baswedan? The answer is why not the best,” said Surya.

According to Surya, in the midst of the complexity of the world and the spirit of the times, we need a national leadership that is ready to respond to all the challenges of the times. A leader who is not only able to continue what has been achieved so far but is also able to give hope to his people. Leaders who have adequate moral authority, constitutional commitment, and personal capacity in carrying out their duties and functions.

“Based on these considerations, the NasDem Party, determined and hoping for the blessing of God Almighty, decided to carry Anies Rasyid Baswedan as a presidential candidate in the 2024 election. In relation to the vice presidential candidate, we entrust the presidential candidate to choose and determine it,” he explained.

Surya asked Anies to explore and see the extent of the values, dignity and worth of the Indonesian nation. According to Surya, what has been successful can be tried and what has not worked can be improved. “God willing, if Anies Rasyid Baswedan is elected president, he will lead this nation to become a more dignified nation, a nation capable of building the true character of this nation,” said Surya.

NasDem continued Surya offering moderate thoughts. According to Surya, in the process of building the nation, physical development is needed as well as national and character building, building the character of the nation’s children. “We need both of these,” he said.

Surya affirmed NasDem’s position with its commitment to be at the forefront of supporting the administrations of President Jokowi and Kiai Maruf Amin until the end of their terms.

Surya then asked the entire NasDem family to oversee the nomination process for Anies Baswedan, which Surya admitted had a very long way to go.

“May the almighty God will give His blessing and protection for all of us, O Allah, accept our prayers,” said Surya. Surya asked all Nasdem cadres to support and succeed in the nomination of Anies Baswedan as a presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

Meanwhile, Anies in his speech welcomed his candidacy as a presidential candidate from Nasdem. “By asking for the pleasure of Allah SWT, with all humility, we accept bismillah and are ready to answer the challenge,” he said.

On this occasion, Anies spread enthusiasm in building Indonesia’s ideals together with a good collaboration process. Anies also mentioned the Acehnese proverb which more or less means so that the intention is immediately done and what is desired, hopefully it will happen soon.

Anies also welcomed the noble desire which is a shared goal of building the Indonesian nation in the future together with the NasDem extended family. this will not be a hard journey but a light journey, a journey full of lightness from Him,” said Anies.

Anies invites all of these efforts to be part of a series of worship in order to achieve the Almighty’s Ridho. Bismillah, we accept, we are ready to go together,” he said.

For your information, the declaration of the presidential candidate was accelerated from the previous schedule which was originally planned for November, but Surya Paloh assessed that today, October 3, is the right day to announce the Nasdem presidential candidate (Wan).

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